Frankston Skatepark
Frankston Skateparks, Mornington Peninsula skateboarding

Frankston Skatepark is an incredible Skatepark beyond your wildest dreams and with 3,400 square meters of terrain, there is something for everyone! Built by Convic it features two independent bowls (one of which is a MONSTER) and a well thought out cascading street section. The park is located within the Samuel Sherlock Reserve, Cranbourne Road, […]

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Pines Skatepark, Frankston Skateparks Victoria

Pines Skatepark, is a newish park with concrete features on a concrete/asphalt runway (200m long and 8m wide) located in the Monterey Community Park (behind the pool). The park has some interesting features for street skaters including a down rail and down rail over a 6 stair, ledges, manual pads, a funny little down up […]

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