One of the biggest attractions in town, the famous Myrtleford Skatepark is a magical concrete jungle for hardcore skateboarders, bike enthusiasts and scooter punks that want to get some air under their wheels.

The skatepark is huge and has been updated over the years to what we now know of it. There are still old steel features including a vert half-pipe and pre-fab street section with mini-quarters, rails, banks and even a spine.

There is a huge huge open bowl with smooth concrete and steel comping that we love to skate. There is also a fresh mini ramp at the end that features some of the best transitions we have skated to date.

Myrtleford skatepark is dope and easily deserving of its four-star rating. Don’t forget to put a skateboard in your car when your next heading to Falls Creek or Mt Hotham as this skatepark is not to be missed.

Skater Maps Four Star Skatepark Rating
Skateboard Park
Steel Half Pipe
square flat rail
Overview of Myrtleford Skate Park
Steel Mini Ramp
Steel Half Pipes
Spine Mini Ramp
Skateboard Park
Myrtleford Mini Ramps
Mini Ramps & Spine
Skate Bowl
Skate Obsticles VIC
Skate Bowl Myrtleford
Mini Ramp VIC
Skateboard Bowl
VIC Skate Parks
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