Located in the suburb of Carina, Queensland, Preston Road Park Skate Bowl has become a warm-up destination for scooter riders and skateboarders. Designed for beginners and intermediate skaters and constructed to the highest standards, this skate bowl offers a dynamic space where riders of all ages and skill levels can roll around together and throw down.

The concrete skate bowl is only a couple ft high with mellow transitions and conventional steel coping. The bowl is almost fully enclosed allowing for precipitation to drain down one end with the addition of a couple of banks.

Preston Road Park Skate Bowl is conveniently located in Carina, Queensland. Visitors can reach the park by ca, public transportation, or by walking or cycling for local residents licing in Brisbane.

Preston Road Park Skate Bowl is designed to be inclusive, welcoming riders of all disciplines and skill levels so get on down and have a roll around. 

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