The New Rockdale Skatepark is one of Sydney’s best mellow street parks. The skatepark is part of a 20 million dollar to upgrade the park from what once was previously a bowling club.

The skatepark features a mellow street plaza style set up with a mellow open bowl along with a larger but still as mellow enclosed bowl.

The large bowl is kinked with pockets, hips, pool coping and slippery, smooth, freshly laid concrete. This is a contender for one of Australia’s best bowls.

The smaller bowl that opens up to the street section has an extension and a bump in the middle. The street section has a bunch of mellow features that we are not going to bother listing. Check out the pics below and see for yourself, but is a super fun skate plaza.

It looks like the local motorbike hoons have been tearing up rubber all over the park. It must be a fun, slippery surface for them to do doughnuts on, but out of respect for the skaters and broader community, piss off and do your burnouts somewhere else.

The old Rockdale Skatepark that was located down the street has since been demolished to make room for a car park.

Five stars with ease. Get on down and have a roll around Rockdale Skatepark.

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