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Ubud skatepark Bali Indonesia

Blue Bear Skatepark in Ubud Bali is another privately owned and operated skateboarding facility offering everything from a park, skate shop, bar, training and much more. The skatepark is super mellow and crammed with features. The street style park has stairs, ledges, hips, bumps, banks, quarters just to name a few. Blue Bear Bali also […]

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Skateboard Parks & Bowls Bali

Bukit Bowl in Bali looks more like a swimming pool with a hot tub off to the side then a skatepark. If you look beyond the puddle of water in the deep end of this epic concrete skate bowl you will find, a shallow section, hips, tiles and even concrete coping. The pool style bowl […]

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Bali Skateboard Park & Bowl

Balangan Surf Skate is one of only a few hotels in Bali that offer guests access to their private skatepark. The concrete skatepark was originally just the famous skate bowl, however due to popular demand has been extended and now comes fully equipped with a much larger skate-able concrete surface along with a couple of […]

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Bali Skateparks Indonesia

Donkey Skatepark is currently the only exclusive undercover  / indoor skate facility in Kuta, Bali. The skatepark is inside a huge warehouse that has open airflow which makes it surprisingly cool to skate considering how humid Kuta can be. The indoor skatepark is huge and has fantastic concrete foundations that is both flat and smooth […]

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Outside Corner Organic Cafe Skateboarding Bowl

Outside Corner Organic Cafe once had one of the best skate bowls in Bali. Unfortunetly by the time we got to drop into the cafe, the famous skateboard bowl had already been filled in. We were still lucky to see some of the framework and coping from the old bowl, however it looks like the […]

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Kuta Skateparks SKateboarding Park

Motion Skatepark has been one of if not the best privately owned indoor skatepark in Bali,  Indonesia. Located in the heart of Kuta, Motion skatepark has been home to many of Bali’s up and coming pro skaters. Unfortunately, or fortunately the skatepark is temporarily closed to the public whilst it is being renovated. As shown in the […]

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Cangu Bali Skateboard Mini Ramps

If you are searching for a dedicated surfcamp where you can skate before and after high tide, look no further than Stormrider Surfcamp Bali. This dedicated establishment offers everything from a private relaxing tranquil environment with swimming pools, accommodation and the rest including one of the best mini ramps in Bali Indonesia. Located just on […]

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Greater Melbourne Vic Skateparks

Laurimar Bowl can be found adjacent to the Laurimar Football Club in the middle of two large ovals. The concrete skatepark features an awesome skate bowl varying from 4 – 6ft deep with a few street features scattered around the outside. Street features include, hump, bank, ledge and stair. The bowl on the other hand […]

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