Ballan Skatepark

Ballan Skatepark

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Ballan Skatepark Victorian Skateboard, Scooter & BMX

Ballan Skatepark…I see red I see red I see red!

Located in the Ballan Recreation Reseve (Edols St), Ballan Skatepark is one of the rustier, crustier skateboard parks getting about.

Despite looking like it was only recently salvaged from the decks of the Titanic, the park is actually alright. The decent sized concrete slab allows plenty of room for their selection of variously sized quarters, funbox with long down rail, speed hump, tabletop and small curved rail.

Worth a stop if you’re passing on the highway as it is only a minute out of the way. Although Ballan Skatepark has seen better days, it is still a fantastic place for a skateboard and has a quarter pipe size for the whole family.
Two Star Skatepark Rating | Skater Maps

Ballan Skatepark Skateboarding Victoria Australia








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  1. skatermaps
    AJ Wooly

    Don’t let the name fool you – BALLan was fkn BALLan!! good surprise for road trip

  2. skatermaps

    This is actually helpful, thanks.

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