Croydon Skatepark is well looked after and packed with amenities, a table tennis table, floodlights, a water fountain and a parkour area. The Skatepark has an open bowl with several different size quarters and ramps. Croydon Skatepark is unique and has a street section that loops around the entire park. Convic Skateparks has done an amazing job with Croydon Skatepark and is always worth a roll if your heading past.

This gnarly skatepark deserves a solid four out of five stars.

Croydon Skatepark 4 stars       CROYDON SKATEPARK WEATHER   croydon-victoria-skate-park-1   croydon-victoria-skate-park-2   croydon-victoria-skate-park-3   croydon-victoria-skate-park-4   croydon-victoria-skate-park-5   croydon-victoria-skate-park-6   Croydon Skate Park Design