Box Hill Skatepark, Melbourne Vic 2

Playce is one of Melbourne’s best skatepark designers. Check out some of their recent work below.


Portland Bowl (with Baseplate)
Koroit skatepark
Box hill extension (with Baseplate)
Highpoint Plaza (with Baseplate)
Chelsea upgrade (with Baseplate)
Balnarring skatepark (with Baseplate)
Reservior Skate Park
Selandra Rise Youth Park
Lara Skatepark (with Baseplate)

North Torquay Skatepark (with Baseplate)
Altona Meadows Junior Skatepark
Greenvale Skatepark
Sunbury Skatepark (with Baseplate)
Donath and Dole skatepark
Bailey Reserve Skatepark (with Baseplate)
Northern Geelong Skatepark (with Baseplate)
Beaconsfield Skatepark (with Baseplate)

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