Vermont Skate Ramp

Vermont Skate Ramp

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Vermont Skate Ramp Melbourne Victoria

The Vermont Skate Ramp (AKA the White Horse Ramp AKA the Vermont Vert) is a…

The Vermont Skate Ramp is located on the Cnr of Burwood Highway and Morack Place, Vermont South, opposite Bunnings.

The ramp is smooth and fast with a good ft + of vert but is starting to deteriorate out in the flats where water pools if there’s been rain or anyone has pissed their pants.

The ramp is no good in a strong Northerly wind (apparently) and it can get a bit stinky being next to the White Horse Tip and Recycling Centre. There are a couple of park benches around to sit on but not much else so bring a drink bottle with you.

Looks like you could keep some chickens in those cages too.

Vermont Skate Ramp 2 star







2 thoughts on “Vermont Skate Ramp

  1. skatermaps
    Lake Hancock

    A little skatepark with a mini ramp size bowl perfect for beginners and advanced skaters to have fun! The street section is small but packed with some good stair gaps,rails,ledges,manual pads and banks.

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