Geelong Waterfront Skatepark

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Geelong Skatepark Plaza

Geelong Waterfront Skatepark has been the benchmark for skatepark design and architecture. The street style skatepark is also referred to as Waterfront Plaza which is much more fitting considering you won’t find a single transition in the entire park. Located in the heart of Geelong there was once a bit of controversy around building the […]

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Norlane Skatepark

Norlane Skatepark, also known as North Shore Skatepark and Windsor Skate Park. The Concrete skatepark comprises of two skateparks adjacent to one another that link together enabling you to skate between the new and the old park. Unlike most renovated skateparks they left the original slab with pre cast features and constructed an entirely new skatepark […]

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Hamlyn Heights Skatepark Geelong Vic

Hamlyn Heights Skatepark or also referred to as Vines Road skatepark was designed and constructed by Convic Skateparks in the early 2000’s. The skatepark is weirdly located in the middle of a school, however is still available to skate by anyone at anytime although we would recommend avoiding the after school rush. In saying that, […]

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Barwon Heads Skatepark Vic, Bellarine Peninsula scoote, BMX & Skate parks

Barwon Heads Skatepark was designed and built by Convic Skateparks and can be found in the Barwon Heads Community Park and features a unique dog bone shaped 9ft bowl with a shallower 4ft section. The thin middle length of the bowl spans the difference between each side. With the steep walls it’s easy to build speed […]

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The Park Geelong Indoor Skatepark Vic

The Park Geelong is one of Australia’s best indoor skateparks. The private skatepark features a large vert half pipe, mini mega ramp, 5ft mini ramp, 2ft mini ramp and a large concrete street section. The smooth concrete street section is epic. There are way to many street features to list, but The Park has managed […]

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