Varsity Skatepark
Tugun Skatepark Gold Coast QLD Skate Parks

Tugun Skatepark is uniquely located at the northern end of the Gold Coast Airport in Tugun QLD. With the geographical location of the park, it is hard not to stop as each big jet plane takes off or touches down depending on the wind direction.The skatepark was one of the first to pop up in […]

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Palm Beach Skatepark QLD

Palm Beach Skatepark or also referred to as Palm Beach Skate Ramp is an old school concrete half pipe to get the dad’s exited about skateboarding again. The skatepark is a little hard to find as it is a distance from the road, however is adjacent to the footy and hockey club providing a relaxing […]

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Coolangatta Skate Park

Coolangatta Skatepark can be  found in Goodwin Park, which is a short skate of only a couple of blocks from the beach. The street style skatepark has almost everything a street skater or scooter punk could wish for considering it has Australia’s best wave just around the corner. Most of the objects are unique to […]

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