Cheltenham Skatepark
Cheltenham Skatepark Bayside Vic

Cheltenham Skatepark is located opposite Southland on the corner of Bay Road and Nepean Highway. Many moons ago this was one of Victoria’s best skateparks and today it is still in great condition. Cheltenham Skatepark features a unique bowl with several kinks that can be tricky to navigate, although those that have mastered it say […]

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Birregurra Skatepark Vic

Birregurra Skatepark is a hidden gem. The park is located 100 meters off the historic Main Street near the bridge. It is truly a little oasis with the surrounding parklands shielding you from the traffic on the main road of Birregurra. The concrete skatepark features a selection of perfectly shaped mini quarter pipes that funnel into […]

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Ballarat Skatepark Victoria

Ballarat City Skatepark is one of Victoria’s best skateparks. It’s a concrete skatepark that features two decent sized bowls surrounded by quarters, blocks, rails and ramps so you can keep rolling all day long… One of the bowls is open at one end, the other has a roll in knuckle and there is a spine […]

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